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Visiting Barcelona

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I’ve been in Barcelona several times. It’s always exciting to come back and see the people, architecture, art, museums, bars, shops, restaurants, discos and everything this city offers. A cosmopolitan city. The light is special, the sea, mountain. Barcelona has everything you might ask to the city of your dreams.

Bar – Because of the great amount of bars you’ll find

Cel – (sky) Because here it’s specially beautiful

Ona – (wave) Because of the sea

I love to explain that interesting version of where the city name come from. I’m not going to explain all the places you can go, there are bunch. You can check the website link below for tourist info.

What I wanna share with all of you is the strong freedom and lively feeling that I have when I walk the streets of Barcelona, when sharing a beer at some hidden bar, buying some cool clothes, eating an icecream while walking at the beach or eating at some exotic restaurant in Gracia neighborhood.

Don’t miss La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Gracia neighborhood (Verdi street), El Born neighborhood (Moskito Thai Restaurant), Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, the beach and the port. A visit to Collserola mountain and the Tibidabo amusement park will let you see Barcelona from the air and have a great experience.

You’ll find plenty of Barcelona photos, so I’m just uploading the ones I made from the plane.


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  1. Share your favorite destinations and places with our community.

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