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Travelers Favorite Restaurants in San Sebastian

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Travelers favorite and recommended Restaurants in San Sebastian


One of the most known spanish chef, friend of Ferran Adria and enthusiastic about modern and experimental cuisine. A great experience you should try once in your life. Tasting menu: 150 – 170 Euros


Martin Berasategui:

Another well known spanish chef. Deserves every recognition. This restaurants is perfect in all senses. If you can find a trully gastronomic experience is here. Delicious menu where you’ll explore fresh products, designed presentations and outstanding service.

La Fabrica:

Author cuisine in San Sebastian. Very warm atmosphere, great service and amazing food. Located in the old town very near to the port. We ordered different dishes and all were excellent, beautifully cooked and presented in our table. We let the maitre recommend us a wine and it was very good. Red wine Ribera del Duero for a perfect dinner with friends.


Borda Berri:

Great value for the money. Original tapas, enough amount of food in every dish. Delicious creations with a basque background and a wide spanish tradition. Special mention to risottos! Be aware that this restaurant is kind of little, so try going early.

Tapas and wines in the central streets:

This is not a restaurant itself, it’s more a cultural thing. People in the Basque Country and many other spanish regions, love to walk the central steets and eat and drink a little bit in a bunch of them in the same day. I liked a lot while doing this, you can taste many different food, wines, ciders and beers, and at the same time know different restaurants, bars and streets. You are going to miss doing that the rest of your life, but it’s worth it. “Callejeo y tapeo”!

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