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Travelers Favorite Restaurants in Barcelona

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Travelers favorite and recommended Restaurants in Barcelona

Montiel Restaurante:

We found this place on Internet and decided to try so we found really good comments. The place is small and cozy, located in El Born neighborhood, one of my favorite areas in Barcelona. Quality products used for creative cuisine and a great gastronomic experience. Travelers recommendations help when you are somewhere you don’t know or run out of ideas.

Suckling pig or duck, among other great dishes. They have affordable and amazing tasting menus for the high quality they offer. Restaurante Montiel is a present for anyone who enjoy eating great.

Contact info

  • +34 932 683 729
  • C/ Flassaders 19, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • map


Kiosko Gourmet Burger:

Cheap place with amazing food. Rediscover the burger concept by going to the Kiosko Burger in Barcelona and enjoy tasty burgers, beef sandwiches, delicious fried potatoes, … Americans, Australians and every good burger lover will enjoy and have fun at this original place. Leave some room for their pies, cookies and desserts. Outstanding service when we went.

Contact info

  • +34 93 310 73 13
  • Marques de L’Argentera 1 bis 08003, 08003 Barcelona
  • map

Quimet & Quimet Tapas:

This is one of those places you like to recommend. It’s worth it even if you have to go early, wait a little or have a reservation. Food is delicious. Based on “tapas”, one of the most attractive spanish dishes. For those who still don’t know how they are, just think about how easy and complete can tapas be: a slice of bread with anything on top. Anything can be very basic products and really complex combinations. Always working with best stuff in the area, Quimet & Quimet brings a quality typical spanish experience, with creative tapas. Enjoy wine too.

Contact info

  • +34 93 442 31 42
  • C/ Poeta Cabanas 25, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
  • map

Koy Shunka:

First japanese restaurants in Barcelona appeared a long time ago. Now there are many, most of them don’t offer a perfect service, but luckily we found Koy Shunka. Located near the Cathedral of Barcelona, offer very high japanese culinary experience. Fresh fish, excellent tuna, quick and experienced hands working in front of you. Sashimi, carpaccios, sushi, noodles and desserts are spacialties.

Not cheap, but really amazing place you should go if you love japanese food.

Contact info

  • +34 93 412 79 39
  • Copons, 7, Barcelona, Spain
  • map


Cafe De L’Academia:

Very centric too, this place is kind of hidden. Has a nice interior, but I recommend to seat in outside tables to enjoy the street and Barcelona historic village. There’s always people, lot of locals too. I love that because you can feel the place is realy good and not expensive for the quality. A church in front, musicians playing, a very romantic spot. All food is amazing.

Contact info

  • +34 93-319-8253
  • Lledo 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • map

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