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Travelers Favorite Hotels in Istanbul

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Travelers favorite and recommended Hotels in Istanbul

Tomtom Suites Hotel:

This hotel was a surprising discovery on our last trip ti Istanbul. Trying to escape from typical classic style acommodations, we booked this hotel. Is a historic building with very nice architecture. Ther’s a really nice roof top with incredible views of the city. Me and my companion used to spend some time there at the evening while enjoying some drink and good chat.

Our room were amazingly clean and confortable. Decoration is very stylish, wood and glass are important. We rested a lot. Service was very attentive all the time, and helped us a little with orientation and advice. Although we always prefer exploration and surprises, some guide lines are always welcome. The area is full of interesting places, very centric. Enjoy the streets, flavors, meals, people, water, massage, spa, etc. Everything’s possible in Istambul.


Divan Istanbul Hotel:

This hotel is a classic acommodation in Istanbul. It’s a great hotel, full of confort and services for a perfect stay. I personally stayed there while working for my company in Turquey. Location is really centric, located at the very heart of the city, you can walk to most of the important attractions Istanbul offers.

There is a good restaurant inside, but I prefer some of the places you can find easily around the hotel. Explore a little bit, all of them are good, most very affordable, but run away from the tourist restaurants, not that good and much more expensive.

My room was perfect for relaxing and long baths and a little work with the laptop before going to sleep. I hope I can go back soon and enjoy the hotel and the city a little bit more.


Apartman Istanbul Hotel:

This hotel is also very centric. I guess location is important to most people. I want to highlight the classy rooms, very quiet and confortable, not luxurious but very nice and “like home” atmosphere…

Bathroom is awsome, and you have a little kitchen in the apartments so you can cook a little bit the great stuff you can buy at markets and street shops. Around the area there are lots of really good restaurants and places to eat local food, so you won’t really need to cook if you don’t want to.

Location gives direct access to nice streets and interesting places to visit in Istanbul. Don’t miss the chance to walk and enjoy your time, traffic is a little bit chaotic.


Neorion Hotel:

My wife convinced me to stay at this hotel because she liked the swimming pool they have inside the hotel. They also have  turkish baths and people who give extraordinary massages. I quickly accepted my wife’s opinion and didn’t disappoint at all.

Great acommodation, luxurious, stylish and decorated with care. First morning we started with a great breakfast and got energy for the rest of the day. Istanbul requires walking and time to visit all the things this city has, so you better have a relaxed and long breakfast every morning. I don’t feel confortable asking for many thinks to the service, but when I do it I love the quick and efficient service. Neorion Hotel has one of the best services I’ve seen in Istanbul, congrats!


Hotel Amira:

Views of Mamara sea are fantastic from this hotel. I love the place. I remember a lot my travels, from Istanbul I specially remember the Amira Hotel. It may sound like an advertisement, but is not. I paid for stay there and was an amazing experience, from service received to room and baths. Decoration, ambience, the wellness area, saunas, hot tub, fitness gym, spa.

Luxury and confort at affordable prices. Very well located for a tourist visit in Sultanahmet. Don’t miss the restaurant with local specialties and the beautiful decorated dinning room.


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