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Tap de Suro Restaurant in Puigcerda, Pyrenees

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Wine and tapas in the center of Puigcerda.

Opened in 2003. At the beginning it was a wine shop, a very cozy one. Now still is, but in 2008 they started serving high quality tapas along with a great wine selection. Restaurant located in Puigcerdà, one of the most important towns in the Catalan Pyrenees, very close to France.

Oriol, the owner, talks with passion about how they started and their clear philosophy. Paqui (the attendant), serve customers with so much simpathy, always smiling and with a very nice andalusian accent.

Tap de Suro means “cork”. Great name with much symbolism. Enjoy their wine and their food.

Ambience and service:

We went at night. It was cold outside, first day of December. A big window let us see the interior from the street: warm and pretty crowded, cozy and elegant. Quickly went in and started taking a look at the walls. Many bottle of wine and many “taps de suro” (corks). There is a room in the entrance, with high tables and chairs, also sofas and lower tables. A great atmosphere surrounded by great wines and great food. After this first room, a small corridor that guides you to a larger room with more tables. The whole left wall is decorated with corks, all opened at the restaurant. Really impressive and a good sign of what we were going to experience next.

Most of the tables in this room are old sewing tables, but we were seated in a couple of beautiful and comfortable armchairs with a small wood table in front. Good music in the background and soccer games in a big screen when FC Barcelona plays. A tradition in Catalunya, almost a religion for some people.

Food and Drink:

You can buy wine in their shop, but I recommend first to try some of them in glasses to help you decide, maybe with some tapas too…

Wine selection: Ca N’Estruc first, an excellent red wine from Catalunya. Dominicus was the second glass of wine, excellent too, from Priorat.

Food: As I said before, high quality tapas. Oriol wants to offer only the best to the customers, that’s why they work with local fresh products, seasonal products and great combinations with a perfect presentation. The carte is not extense. Quantity is not as important as quality, and at Tap de Suro they know that very well. We tried Escudella (seasonal soup with meatballs very traditional from Catalunya), Espinaler anxovies, toast with sobrasada and melted cheese, melted pecorino ball and chocolate truffles for dessert.

Other dishes are:

Amanida de tomàquet amb bonito (Tomato salad with tuna), Escalivada amb pernil iberic (fried vegetables with iberic ham), Daus de bacallà o salmó del Carpier (Diced cod or salmon from Carpier), Foie micuit amb reducció de mòdena, Xoricets calents (hot spicy sausages), Torrada de cap de llom amb formatge gratinat (toast of loin baked with cheese), Torrada amb bonito (toast with tuna), Pernil Ibèric (Iberic ham), Fusta d’Iberics (Iberic sausages), Fusta d’embotits de La Vall d’en Bas (Vall d’en Bas sausages – local products), Fusta de formatges (cheese assortment), Formatge curat o semicurat de cabra (goat cheese), Patates gratinades amb formatge (grilled potatoes with cheese gratin, Vieires amb pernil (Scallops with ham), Hamburgueses de la carnisseria Meya (hamburgers from local producer), Entrecot de bou (beef steak).

I must say they work a lot because they deserve it. Food is excellent and wine selection extense and high quality. Don’t miss it if you’re around!

Nearby Activities:

Walking and shopping in the streets around the restaurant is a good way to complete your experience in Tap de Suro. The restaurant is next to main shopping streets and historic old center of the village. Nice atmosphere and beautiful shops for buying clothes, accessories, food, drinks and much more.

La Cerdanya environment is unique, explore the area and enjoy nature and many nice activities like ski, mushroom hunting, walking, hiking, cycling, routes and paths.

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