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Spanish Tapas Restaurant ” Tapas Locas” Barcelona

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Why go to eat Tapas in “ Tapas Locas “?

Going for tapas is a great tradition in Spain, when leaving work to meet some friends or just to eat and drink something.

Tapas are an opportunity to relax and where you can enjoy the company of friends.

And where better than “Crazy Tapas” to enjoy a variety of tapas cooked at the moment to enjoy friends, couple or family. Tapas can be accompanied by a good bread with tomato or an excellent wine from our selection. You can taste our 80 different tapas at a good price and excellent quality.

You can enjoy the beach too, is only 5 minutes from our restaurant, and also you can go to many trendy clubs in the city of Barcelona, in a short 4 minutes walk.

Enjoy our romantic terrace!!!

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