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Rhodas Restaurant in Palau-Saverdera, Costa Brava

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Located in a very special spot in the Emporda and the Costa Brava. “Balcony of Empordà” is called by local people. You can enjoy an amazing view of the land and fields around, protected by a mountain at the back.

Palau-Saverdera is also very close to Roses, Empuriabrava or Castelló d’Empúries. The beauty of this area is specially remarkable, still very virgin compared to other regions in the Costa Brava.

Ambience and service:

The restaurant opened in 1981, and the actual owner, Matteo, runs it efficiently since 1996. They open all year, something unusual in the area due to tourism importance, and that’s a clue. If a restaurant of a little village opens all the year it will probably be a very good place.

That’s the case of Rhodas Restaurant. A very nice old house made from stone, little hidden tables, several dinning-rooms, candle lights, archs, ceilings and a wonderful interior garden with separated terraces. A really cool place for a meal, specially in the heat of summer, under big trees, among stone and good company. A lovely place with friendly service.

There’s something special about this place, an incredible atmosphere hard to explain with words.

Food and Drink:

Great gastronomy experience.

Specialty in fresh fish, lamb, homemade desserts and wines.

I had mussels with salt and black pepper sauce, something simple but effective and delicious. Main dish was something extremely delicious: Half lamb shoulder with herbs and onions. Also simple but melted in my mouth. How well cooked was that lamb, specially tasty with the wine reduction. Something incredible. I tried two glasses of wine, white first (with the mussels) and red after (with the lamb). Both great catalan wines, first from Penedes and second from Emporda. They have an extense variety, including wines from all Spain.

Variety in salads, including one that sounds specially good: Apple with smoked salmon and mustard vinaigrette. Cold starters like the spanish classic “melon with ham”, shrimp cocktail in the orange or veal carpaccio with parmigiano. Hot starters like soups, grilled prawns, eggplant and tomato baked with mozzarella and parmigiano or crepes filled with spinach and ricotta.

Special mention to their pasta. Fresh homemade ravioli, spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni, tortellini and lasagna. Meats: beef fillet, ossobuco, lamb, escalope, chicken, entrecotte or duck  brest in green pepper balsamic sauce. Also, as I said, fresh fish of the day, sole, stone-bass fillet or seafood.

They also have pizzas. You can take them to your home if you want. They have a stone oven in the entrance where you can see how they cook your pizza.

Special menus: Vegatarian Menu (16€) and Rhodas Menu (22€), a very good choice as you get an important price reduction and still high quality food and amount, including dessert. All desserts look great but I just couldn’t go for it.

Wine is a passion here. Matteo loves talking about wine and how to introduce wine tasting and tapas (a fantastic mix) in his restaurant. As there’s a lot of space, and the region is increasily being known for an incredible wine quality, he’s planning to introduce a special area inside the old house for those tastings. It will become a meeting point for friends and wine lovers very shortly. In few miles around you’ll find many wine productors, so you can easily explore the Emporda wine route and be amazed by it’s quality and beauty.

Nearby Activities:

3 natural parks surround the village: Cap de Creus, Aiguamolls de l’Emporda and Albera Natural Park. The three of them deserve a visit, but you don’t need to go to feel their presence. This place is magic. Port Lligat where Dali lived and found inspiration is very close, like Cadaques. Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery from 550-560 is a must see. Peralada, Castello d’Empuries Cathedral, Sant Pere Pescador (Dunes Beach), Roses and the roman ciutadella, Figueres and Girona.

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  • C/ Sibil·la, Palau-Saverdera – Girona
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