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Pizzeria Restaurant La Locanda di Nonna Flo – Costa Brava, Spain

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After several generations of restaurateurs in Italy, Francesco came to Sant Feliu de Guixols to start a solo venture without the support of his family. There he met Anna, his partner, and opened this small restaurant with her. Cosy, intimate and familiar, La Locanda di Nonna Flo opened in 2004 to provide the typical traditional Italian cuisine: a trattoria cuccina full of color, taste and fantasy.

With a privileged view over the bay of Sant Feliu de Guixols, fresh products are the norm in this restaurant whose interior dining room of 24 guests is accompanied by a summer terrace with capacity for 40 customers.

Specialties like fresh pasta stuffed with vegetables, seafood, cheese or mushrooms, the porcini funghi fettuccine, steaks with vinegar of Modena, the exquisite pizzas, fresh fish, homemade desserts and excellent selection of local wine and Italian.

It’s not unusual to find some known people eating in their terrace. When I was there, Sebastian Vettel’s father was eating a pizza with his wife and friends two tables away from mine. Francesco, the owner, told me that 2 weeks ago Xavi Hernadez (FC Barcelona midfielder) was dinning there too. A picture can prove it.

Beside that, food’s excellent and the views over Sant Feliu de Guixols beach are stunning.

Great old style italian pizza with fresh products from the area, pasta, salds and yummy desserts. The price is very affordable wich is also good news. Taste the best pizza in Costa Brava when you go.

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