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O Chardinet da Formiga in Charo, Huesca, Pyrenees

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Very special rural house from 1670 overlooking La Fueva Valley.

O Chardinet d’a Formiga is a sustainable rural house with a very special and warm atmosphere. Wood ceilings, much space and light in the bedrooms, great views, a basement with stoned walls, sofas, games, books, music, candle lights, antique objects and a fireplace, very useful in winter, the time of the year when we visited the house.

Mireia and Ferran restored the house in 2008 after a big decision that would change their lives. They left their jobs in Barcelona and decided to start this new way of living, also a business. They have two wonderful kids that help them preparing the house for guests. Ferran is a photographer and almost a professional chef. He prepares with love and caring many delicious dishes for dinner, homemade jam, icecream and cheese. They have their own orchard where they find most of the vegetables and fruits they use for cooking.

Great and sustainable, respecting nature and the environment. Enjoy one of the best accommodation in the Pyrenees.


O Chardinet d’a Formiga is located Charo, a small medieval village in the Sobrarbe region. Amazing views of the Fueva Valley and Cotiella mountain. Feel The Pyrenees and enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in the area, close to many of the essential places to visit. La Nata river, Usía and Salinar gullies, Sierra Ferrera and Peña Montañesa and some other nature spots gives character to the place.

La Fueva Valley (Valle de La Fueva) is extense and very special. Many romanesque churches and hermitages in small villages or isolated, clustered houses, fantastic views, animals and nature.

The house and their owners collaborate with the “Geoparque de Sobrarbe”, park recognized by UNESCO as a territory with an exceptional geological heritage with great scientific, educational and aesthetic interest.


Spacious, lightful, big windows and arches for stunning views of the valley. Decoration is pretty simple, I like that. Enough space for your clothes, wood diagonal ceiling with beams, nice headboard, some stoned walls and others with a warm painting, always using earthen colors and keeping that rural aspect.

Sleeping quality is perfect. Comfy beds, silent and great soundproofing. We loved feeling of the sunlight coming into our bedroom every morning, waking up with a smile on our faces, taking a long shower in the beautiful bathroom and going downstairs where our breakfast was waiting. Mireia and Ferran were always there, bringing hot coffee, tea and toasted bread.

Something important, the whole house has floor heating! Great feeling when you go out from the shower and step on that warm floor.

Facilities and services:

They have a very nice kitchen where they prepare breakfast and dinner with so much love. Crossing the kitchen we find a very special spot of the house. A room with a big table for all the guests with an enormous glass wall in the front. You will enjoy amazing and spectacular views of the valley as you try toasted bread, tomatoes, olive oil, sausages, cheese, jam, orange juice, coffee and tea. We are really going to miss those views and breakfasts every morning.

In the basement, they have 2 separated rooms, common areas that all guests can enjoy. One of them is perfect for table games and for kids, as there are some toys and enough space. The other room is really special: candle lights, fireplace, sofas, chairs, antique objects like a suitcase and a typewriter and, in general, a very authentic atmosphere that transports you to the past without loosing any comfort. An old radio playing jazz music and us relaxing drinking tea and coffee while reading magazines. Big windows here too from where we were able to see the valley. The whole basement has low ceilings, stoned walls and many of the original wood beams. Just great!

Free parking and wifi for the guests.


Dinner at the house is included for a little extra money, and it’s completelly worth it. You will probably exlplore the magnificient Sobrarbe region during the day, have lunch at some nice restaurant and going back to the house just in time for a shower and a perfect dinner. You will share a big table with the owners and the rest of couples or families in the house. Sharing the table, a good wine from the Somontano region, delicious food prepared by Ferran and nice conversation with all of them, including experiences and tips about your stay and visits.

Jazz music in the background, a big fireplace and the moonlight you can see through the glass wall.

First night we ate an amazing orange, green pepper, tomato and black olives salad as starter, also with a blackberry vinaigrette. Main dish was a casserole of chicken and almond sauce. Dessert was a homemade icecream with chocolate sauce. Yes, Ferran also makes his own icecream. Incredible.

The second night we tried a mushroom soup (Ferran pick the mushrooms himself in the valley) that was fantastic. Delightful meatballs in a casserole as main dish. Homemade yoghurt for dessert. And, of course, another red wine from Somontano region. In my humble opinion, some of the best wines in Spain lately.

Unforgettable moments around that table, enjoying traditional gastronomy and experiences related to everyones lifes and trips.

Nearby Activities:

You will find a map of the region in your room so you will easily locate and mark the places you’re interested in visiting. Mireia and Ferran will gladly help you decide and will suggest great options depending on you needs.

We personally made a one day trip visiting many of the most interesting places in the nearest area. La Fueva Valley has many spots and beautiful villages, churches and hermitages. Great places to visit and having some of the best views you can imagine overlooking the region. We first visited Muro de Roda, an old partially restored monastery and fort (must see). Incedible views of La Fueva. Morillo de Monclús was next, with a nice church called Iglesia de San Cristóbal. Entremon, a beautiful bridge over the Cinca river, a special place because it narrows a lot and you see the gullies.

We ate at Abizanda next. Good menu at L’Atalaya Restaurant. Samitier, Aínsa, San Vitorian Monastery (must see too, with amazing views and beautiful building) and back to the house again. A great day.

One week would be the perfect duration of your trip to explore the region deeply and don’t miss anything.

  • La Fueva Valley: Muro de Roda, Morillo de Monclús, Mediano reservoir, Tierrantona, Bruis Sanctuary, Troncedo, Entremon, Abizanda, Monasterio de San Vitorian, and much more.
  • Aínsa: medieval village with good restaurants, museums and a spectacular square.
  • Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido: Ordesa Valley, Pineta Valley, Cañón de Añisclo. From the parking lot at Añisclo we can also visit the beautiful “Ermita de San Urbez” (San Urbez hermitage). Is just a 30 minute walk. Fanlo and Vió.
  • Chistau Valley.
  • Poset Maladeta Natural Park. Benasque Valley.
  • Basa de La Mora (spectacular lake between the mountains. You can go by car or walking through GR15 path from Saravillo).
  • Hospital de Tella and Revilla (villages), access to viewpoints (Los Miradores). A 1 hour walk to see the “Garganta de Escuain). After that, go to Tella and do the “3 hermitages route”, a 45 minutes circular route. Las Brujas Museum and the Bear Cave are in Tella too.
  • El Chorro de Fornos from Badaín (3 hours).
  • Visit to France with many small and beautiful villages, different environment and atmosphere.
  • Ski slopes in Cerler and France (Piau Engali).
  • Loudenvielle Valley in France, a very nice area with a thermal resort.
  • Birds sighting such as eagles, vultures and ospreys.
  • Water sports and activities such as rafting and canyoning.
  • Horse riding.
  • Bike rental.

Price range:

I found this rural house especially cheap for the quality of the place, services and environment. Dinners are splendid, you would pay the double for the same or worst quality at most restaurants in Sobrarbe.

Rooms: 60 Euros.

Dinner: 15 Euros.


  • +34 974 341 998 – +34 647 582 954
  • Calle Única, s/n – 22336 Charo – La Fueva (Huesca)
  • map
  • web

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