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Maguey Mexican Restaurant in Girona

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Located in central Girona. Next to the river that cross the city and the city council, this restaurant is located in the old town of Girona, surrounded by stone, beautiful stairs that climb to emblematic churches, interesting shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants. If you’re not from Girona I encourage you to explore the area and discover amazing spots and hidden spots.


Ambience and service:

Maguey is a maxican word for the plant that is used to make tequila.

Maguey restaurant is a little cozy restaurant with a special and original ambience, decoration and gastronomy. Out of Mexico is usual to find tex-mex restaurants with tyipcal decoration consisting in the same pre-cooked food, mexican hats and all sort of souvenirs. In Maguey they run away from that, they wanted to be “not the typical” mexican restaurant. They wanted to bring authentic maxican tradition to Girona, and they succeeded.

Open in December 2011, is a very new place that has achieved a good position in the city, well known by local citizens. Eva and Arturo started with a clear idea about what concept they wanted. Eva is from Catalonia but studied for a while in Mexico. Arturo is from Mexico but studied for a while in Barcelona. They weird thing is that they knew each other in that situation. Specifically, she came back for a Christmas visit and then they met. Arturo always wanted to run a mexican restaurant here, and she rapidly enthused about the project.

Original mexican decoration, not over-decorated. High ceilings, black tables and blue mexican bars with tall chairs to eat in a different way, closer to what mexicans do when they go to a restaurant and eat in few minutes because they have to go back to work. These are the details that help you notice how different is this restaurant from most mexican restaurants.

Outdoor terrace in the street too.

Service is friendly and fast, always smiling. Arturo at the kitchen, Eva helping everywhere and 2 young efficient waitresses.

Can’t wait to try their food…


Food and Drink:

Following their primary idea of how their ideal mexican restaurant would be, now they have a carte with traditional mexican dishes. High quality fresh products, many from the area, some imported, always cooked at the moment and prepared with care and love so customer gets amazing food and experience.

Always details, the ones that make us realize about how good is a place or not. At Maguey, they talk with passion about their products, and that’s a good start. They emphatize aspects like they don’t use cheddar cheese. That’s a north american influence, but mexicans don’t use it.

They use and combine food, spices and sauces like mexicans do, respecting the authentic tradition and being honest with their original purpose. Also introduce traditional mexican dishes that you not usually find far from Mexico, so it really deserves a visit.

Cooking and combining food, products, spices and flavors like mexicans do, in the really traditional way. Authentic “tortillas” and nachos made with corn. They make an honest aproach to authentic mexican food, the one from the people.

Personally, I tried the nachos with chili and meat, a delicious starter accompanied with a guayaba margarita that was fantastic. After, something I didn’t tried before: pibil toast with macerated chicken, citrics and spices, a very tasty and different dish. The toast was blue without colorants, all natural. For dessert, a yummy cake: “pastel 3 leches” (three milk cake). Sweet and crunchy, perfect!

Other things we find in their carte are four different nachos (great guacamole, try it please), jalapeños, cheese fingers and other fried dishes, quesadillas (2 tortillas with molten cheese and something else, like “chorizo” or mushrooms), salads, “taquitos” (tortillas made with corn, cilantro and onion), toasts, enchiladas, fajitas and alambres (delicious fajitas with molten cheese).

Special mention for their margaritas. They are in the deep mexican culture and you will really enjoy their “love-made” margaritas: margarita auténtica, tamarindo, guayaba, mango, tequila sunrise, “palomas” and “charro negro”.


Nearby Activities:

Girona is the capital of one of the richest regions in Catalonia. Well comunicated with France and Barcelona, close to Costa Brava beautiful beaches and many interesting villages like Figueres, Cadaqués, Begur, Callela de Palafrugell, Palamós, Platja d’Aro, l’Escala, etc. I recommend a walk through the centric streets and river side that you will find next to the restaurant. It’s an important and necessary visit, because you will rapidly see how special is the atmosphere in Girona, a realtively little city with lot of life and young people thanks to their University, one of the most important ones in Catalonia.

For further tourist info about Girona you can visit


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