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Love Creek Orchard Apple Store and Patio Cafe, Texas Hill Country

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On a recent visit to the Texas Hill Country, I had the pleasure of tasting one of the best sourdough hamburgers I’ve ever had in one of the most unlikely places.  The Love Creek Orchard Apple Store and Patio Cafe in Medina, Texas is a favorite of locals and the best kept secret around.  If you’re lucky enough to discover the place and stop in, you’ll be delighted from the moment you walk up to the door.  From the parking area, you’ll walk through a small display of apple trees of various kinds for sale, up to the quaint stone building, and through the wooden door with glass panels.

As you step inside, you’re instantly assailed with the wonderful aroma of fresh baked apple pie, and amazed at the delightful selections of knick-knacks, souvenirs, trinkets, and such that are strategically placed throughout each room. Walk through this charming little place and you’ll find apple decor, sachets of potpourri, coffee mugs, greeting cards, room sprays, t-shirts, wall hangings, and all sorts of interesting, quirky, and fun items to bring back home to family and friends.

Continue through the store and you’ll find yourself in the bakery area, where you can sample their delicious jams and jellies, purchase fresh baked apple pies, and cookies the size of Texas themselves. But that’s not all!  Take one more step through the last door, and you’re in the Patio Cafe where many locals and locals-at-heart come to dine on the area’s best tasting hamburger on sourdough bread.  As you’re greeted by Callie the resident Calico Cat, you step down into another world reminiscent of backyard get-together’s that most Texans enjoy.

After stepping onto a wooden deck, you can see a painted wall on the left that sports a brightly painted scene of a traditional red barn situated on a country farm. To the right is a charming display of apple goodies, treasures, and other items to browse through.  Directly in front of you is a dirt floor covered with a smattering of large picnic tables filled with people enjoying the juicy tenderness of the delicious hamburgers that are served here under a covered porch.

As you enjoy the feeling of eating outside while covered from the blazing Texas sun, you might find yourself being visited by a furry friend.  Callie, a sleek and sassy calico cat, belongs to one of the employees who works here and enjoys the company of hundreds on a daily basis.  Extremely friendly, she’s an adorable addition to the setting and the experience at this place. After ordering your hamburger on a sourdough bun with all the fixin’s, grabbing a cup of sweet iced tea, and settling down at a picnic table, you’ll find yourself looking around and being entertained by the miscellaneous pieces of information you’re provided about the orchard.

Once your handmade burger is served, it’s time to chow down.  One bite into this mouth-watering local favorite and you’ll be hooked forever.  Juicy, tasty, and oh-so-delicious, their burger is nicely complimented by the freshly made sourdough bun and fresh toppings like crisp lettuce, crunchy onion slices, and fresh tomato. But wait, the burger still isn’t complete without their very own wild fire Texas pickle slices, sold in-house.  Sweet yet spicy, they add just the right crunch and flavor to this delectable meal.  Throw in a side of french fries sprinkled with a unique salt and pepper mix with a hint of smoky flavor, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a Texas-style meal!

By: Dawn-Renee Rice

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  1. Share your favorite destinations and places with our community.

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