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L’Era de Cal Bastida Rural House in Estamariu, Lleida, Pyrenees

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Hidden gem in a hidden village.

Visiting the Pyrenees again in February, cold and beautiful. Last week it was snowing a lot and we could still observe rests of snow everywhere. A very nice and relaxed spot, hidden in the upper valley very close to La Seu d’Urgell and Andorra. Relax, nature and many interesting activities to do around, good restaurants, cheese and sausages factories and much more.

L’Era de Cal Bastida was built in mid of the XVIII century. Now, completely restored, still preserves the original architecture and structure of that time. Thick stone walls, balconies in the facade (where the family dried corn and other stuff from the orchards), the courtyard, the peace and quietness. Family tradition preserved.

Pilar, the owner and soul of this rural accomodation, told us they opened in 2006. They’ve been working well in winter and summer. Here you can enjoy snow by going to ski, for example, and also the sun and warm weather for hike, walk and water sports in La Seu d’Urgell, an internationally known city that was part of Barcelona 92 Olympic Games.


From the main road (Pyrenean axis) that connects La Seu d’Urgell with Puigcerda, you will find a sign to Estamariu. A small road will guide you to the village. The house is also very well indicated by signs as you enter Estamariu with your car. Be careful with those narrow streets!

The small village of Estamariu is very special, since you have great views of the valley and also good options to start a short walk around the area. Don’t miss the romanesque church Sant Vicenç d’Estamariu with a very nice cemetery and views of Estamariu and the valley.

Santa Cecilia Church, in the middle of Estamariu, is also recommended. You can still see an old arch and structure from the fort next to actual houses.

The sound of the birds, owls, sometimes a cow in the background and the pure smell of nature and life.


Spacious, lighful, warm, comfortable… Nice old closet in the bedroom, digital TV, a nice window that let us see some mountains and sky. Spacious bathroom with a great shower. Hot water with good pressure helped me start the day every morning with energy to explore the area.

One of the great things about this house are the balconies. 8 rooms, 6 of them with balcony. Also spacious, with table and chairs. Great views of the valley, wonderful conversations looking at the stars.

Facilities and services:

Breakfast is included: fresh juice, coffee, cold catalan sausages, marmalade, toasts of great local bread… in a common dinning area. Pilar prepares everything every morning, with so much love, attending every guest need and question. You’ll find routes, recommended restaurants, sports activities and other useful information for your convenience. If you would like to have dinner at the house some night, you are lucky. Pilar offers a traditional and delicious dinner for 13,30€.

Free parking and wifi.

Nearby Activities:

Bescaran is the next town following the road up to the mountains. A beautiful place with amazing views. You can go walking or driving. There’s a good path you can try, and another one going down to La Seu d’Urgell. This one is larger and harder, but a very good option if you’d like to explore well the closest environment.

Visiting La Seu d’Urgell is a must do. Nice traditional shops, a beautiful church, the canal, Parc del Segre and great gastronomy. Pilar can recommend good restaurants for any guest and pocket, also some others in small villages in the area.

Andorra is another must do. Known for their tax free shops. Modern and easy to know. The centric commercial area is a nice walk and experience. Good restaurants too, many of them very fancy. Also very known for ski lovers. If you’d like to ski but not every day of your holidays, staying at Estamariu is a great option, as you can reach Andorra in half an hour without having to stay in the city and resign to relax or the authentic rural environment.

  • Bike rental (Parc del Segre)
  • Horse riding (all day / mid day excursions)
  • Alpine ski
  • Scandinavian ski
  • Walking and mountain bike
  • Rafting and adventure sports
  • Free tax buying in Andorra
  • Water sports in the Olympic Canal of La Seu d’Urgell (Parc del Segre)
  • Visit Andorra
  • Visit La Seu d’Urgell
  • Visit Puigcerda
  • Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park.

Price range:

Rooms: 40-68 Euros (Kids under 2 years free)

Dinner: 13,30 Euros.

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