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Holiday Inn Hotel – Ithaca, New York

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I was visiting Ithaca and Cornell with family last august. Holiday Inn Hotel is a clean and very confortable hotel, very well located in the center of Ithaca. It has a nice restaurant with good food at good price. The hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.

Ithaca is a really nice town, with good restaurants and 70’s shops. The whole place has a hippie and young look. Cornell University is one of the best colleges in USA, and also one of the nicest. Walking around the campus, driving also, enjoyed this place a lot. I remember a great old irish pub (Kilpatrick’s Publick House) and eating the best pizza ever at a restaurant right in front of it.

Ithaca Commons, Buttermilk Falls and Robert Treman State Parks. The minimum stay should be 3 days.

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  1. Share your favorite destinations and places with our community.

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