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Hodjapasha Dance Show, Istanbul

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While we were visiting Istanbul, we wanted to experience a little of the traditional dance  styles from Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. Face it, everyone should see whirling dervishes or belly dancers at least once in their lives! We picked up a brochure for the Hodja Pasha Culture Center, located in a converted hamam, or Turkish bath, in part because they seemed to offer a wider variety of folk dance styles than most places. Well, we weren´t disappointed! A troupe of around 10 dancers, backed by a group of very talented musicians, took us on a tour of a fantastic variety of dances from various regions of Turkey, including the Balkans, Thrace, the Aegean Sea area,  the Black Sea area, and Anatolia, as well as gypsy and Azerbaijani dance styles. And of course several versions of belly dances in solo and group format! The dancers exhibited great technique, fantastic energy, colorful costumes, and seemed to be truly enjoying themselves. A great value, great entertainment, and a taste of the broad diversity of Turkish culture beyone the borders of Istanbul!

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  1. Share your favorite destinations and places with our community.

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