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El Gallo, Tapas in Sant Feliu de Guixols

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Ambience and service: 

The place is located in a calm street 150 meters from the beach, walking to the center of the village. You’ll find the village market next to it. Wood tables outside, stoned walls inside. There are 3 dinning rooms inside, very private and cozy. I tried outside because it was a sunny and warm day.

Mathieu, the owner, runs the restaurant with a permanent smile and enthusiasm about their food and their history, Opened 20 years ago by his family, the tradition and special care of guests are a priority. He explained to me the details about some dishes and why are so good or special. I let him recommend and didn’t disappointed.

Service is fast and accurate, always attentive without being annoying. Just perfect. This place makes you feel like at home. Nice talk, nice decoration, nice street, nice people and great food.

Food and drink: 

I started with a couple of tapas: the famous “patatas bravas” and “boquerones en vinagre”. You probably already know what are the “patatas bravas”, but, just in case, you should know that it is a very simple dish. Cut potatoes fried with a spicy sauce. Every place has it’s own cut style, and most it’s own sauce also. Squared little pieces with mayonnaise and spicy ketchup. “Boquerones en vinagre” are special anchovies with vinegar and garlic, very fresh and tasty. So, I started trying some tapas, the most typical thing to do when you come here. Then you can ask for a main dish without having your stomach empty and screaming for food…

After enjoying my beer and my tapas, a great steak came: Onglet with shallot sauce, made basically with onion. I must say that meat was very tasty and tender, melting in my mouth in an unforgettable way. A perfect meal. I had some beer, but they have very good wines you can ask for. They can advise you about them too. I finished with a pineapple carpaccio with vanilla icecream… delicious too.

Other options you have with tapas, great specialties from the house, are steak tartare, chicken wings, meat carpaccio, prawns, squid, grilled seafood, assortment of cheeses and iberic ham, gazpacho and sausages. Salads are another specialty. No matter what salad you ask, El Gallo has a special vinaigrette. Feta salad, goat cheese salad, tuna salad, tomato and anchovies salad, cheese, ham and nuts salad, etc.

They have fresh fish and great meats, crepes and also a special tapas menu, so you can try most of the best tapas for 25 euros.


Sant Feliu de Guixols is a beautiful village in the Costa Brava. Known for the quietness, the beach and the main streets with shops, bars and restaurants. Ideal for families who want a calm holiday. Don’t miss the market in the sqaure next to the restaurant. Thyssen Museum, the third one in the world, just opened in the village, deserves a visit.

Price advice: 

Tapas and salads are approximately 3-8 euros each. Main dishes are 9-15 euros.

  • +34 972 822 344
  • C/ Especiers, 13 – Sant Feliu de Guixols
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