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Don Quijote Restaurant in Platja d’Aro, Costa Brava

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Ambience and service: 

More than 50 years of gastronomic tradition in Platja d’Aro. They are a reference restaurant in the city, well known for the grilled meat and great service they provide to all customers. Open all year.

The old house structure is beautiful, and the owners know that, so they respect the past and improve step by step to become a reference in the area, a place where you feel comfortable, warm and well served. Andrés and Mercè, the owners, and all their staff, are very professional and passionate about their “work”. They don’t consider what they do a job, and I can understand that. When you love what you work on you do a better work, that’s what happens in Don Quijote Restaurant.

The restaurant has a very nice interior open patio. You can see the guy at the grill preparing your food while you enjoy a starter and some incredible wine. Inside is warm, beautiful decoration. No matter where you sit, every corner of this restaurants has a special atmosphere.

Food and drink: 

Meats are their specialty. You can opt for one of their most famous dishes: “La Charbonnade”, “La Potence”, “L’Ardoise”, “Chateaubriand”, “Pincho pirata”, “Kikiriku al Niu”, veal fillet or “fish frit”.

We tried “La Potence”, an incredibly tasty meat, flambe veal. The waiter brings a table with the meat and flambes right there, so you can see the “final touch” before start eating. Meat melt in our mouths. Just perfect. I’ve been in many restaurants with grilled meat specialties, but this one is different. They innovate and always try different and amazing dishes. They also work with some of the best meat providers in the area, so you always get quality food, no matter the time of the year you go.

Also have great salads, carpaccios and other starters. Desserts like fresh fruit with chocolate, icecream cups and delicious crepes. We got an orange crepe with cream really good.

Drink is another important chapter here. They love wine and you can note that by just taking a look at the carte. If you doubt, don’t hesitate and ask for some suggestion. You can choose red, white and rose wines from Catalonia and Spain. Also some international great wine and champagnes. Personally, they recommended us a local red wine called “Amic” from Calonge, a local village pretty close to Platja d’Aro. I must say I didn’t know it, but now it’s in my favorites list. I could talk a lot about wine, specially after drinking a bottle, but I will just say: try it please!

Definitely a great gastronomic experience that you won’t forget.


Don Quijote Restaurant is very centric. Very close you’ll find the beach of Platja d’Aro (1 minute walk). Walking in the opposite direction you’ll find the main avenue, where you can spent a lot of time visiting shops and walking. There are many pubs, bars and discotheques near too. Platja d’Aro nightlife is very known in the area, positively.

If you have time, consider visiting medieval villages like Peratallada, Pals and Monells, as well as little beaches (“calas”) and interesting cultural towns like Figueres and Girona.

Price advice: 

20-40 Euros p.p. High quality at reasonable price.

  • +34 972 818 134
  • C/ Església, 60 Platja d’Aro, Girona
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