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  1. Alan

    L’Era de Cal Bastida Rural House in Estamariu, Lleida, Pyrenees

    Hidden gem in a hidden village. Visiting the Pyrenees again in February, cold and beautiful. Last week it was snowing a lot and we could still observe rests of snow everywhere. A very nice and relaxed spot, hidden in the upper valley very close to La Seu d’Urgell and Andorra....
  2. Alan

    O Chardinet da Formiga in Charo, Huesca, Pyrenees

    Very special rural house from 1670 overlooking La Fueva Valley. O Chardinet d’a Formiga is a sustainable rural house with a very special and warm atmosphere. Wood ceilings, much space and light in the bedrooms, great views, a basement with stoned walls, sofas, games, books, music, candle lights, antique objects and...
  3. Alan

    Casas de Zapatierno, Rural accomodation in Espierba, Ordesa National Park, Huesca, Pyrenees

    Unique houses in the Pineta Valley, Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido. After visiting many rural houses, apartments and hotels in the area, I finally arrived to Casas de Zapatierno. Old restored houses with a unique location. Excellent views of Ordesa National Park. Silent, peace and relax. Many space around the...
  4. Alan

    Apartamentos Fogaron, Rural Apartments in Saravillo, Huesca, Pyrenees

    Great duplex apartments in Chistau Valley, Huesca, Pyrenees. Spacious apartments with full kitchen, living room with balcony and great views of the “Valle de Chistau”, one of the most amazing spots in The Pyrenees. Opened in 2005, everything looks very new and neat. We found peace, comfort and friendship. Sara...
  5. Alan

    Casa Bergua Rural Apartments in Viu, Huesca, Pyrenees

    Rural apartments with style in the heart of The Pyrenees, Torla and Ordesa National Park. Cozy apartments for couples, groups of friends and families in a peaceful spot between Pyrenees mountains. Started as rural accomodation at 2010. The family who owns the apartments live next to them and take care...
  6. Alan

    Cal Miquel Rural Hotel in Anserall, Catalan Pyrenees

    Charming hotel ideal for couples and romantic trips to The Pyrenees, Andorra and La Seu d’Urgell. After years working on other projects, Gabi and Nuria, the owners of this lovely hotel, decided to start a new adventure. A very special story that I will summarize. Nuria’s brother heard on the...
  7. totaltravel24

    100 Best Hotels and Rural Houses in the Pyrenees

    Recommended Hotels and Rural Houses in the Pyrenees: Casa Dámaso , Aínsa Casa Estarrún , Aísa Cal Miquel , Anserall Casa Rural Pereforn , Aramunt L´Orache , Aratores La Pleta , Baqueria Chalet Bassibe , Baqueria El Rincón de Oroel , Barós Barosse , Barós Casas Rurales Ordesa , Belsierre...

  1. Share your favorite destinations and places with our community.

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