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Casas de Zapatierno, Rural accomodation in Espierba, Ordesa National Park, Huesca, Pyrenees

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Unique houses in the Pineta Valley, Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido.

After visiting many rural houses, apartments and hotels in the area, I finally arrived to Casas de Zapatierno. Old restored houses with a unique location. Excellent views of Ordesa National Park. Silent, peace and relax. Many space around the houses, ideal for children. A unique experience thanks to its unique location and authentic houses.

Carmen, the owner, was very nice at our arrival, making a short walk around the house while explaining a little bit of the history and interesting info about the place. Her aunt owned and restored the house 15 years ago with so much love and care. You could feel how proud Carmen was about her. Don’t expect the typical restored house, these houses and environment are completely unique and different. Comfortable and very authentic, every single corner of this place.


They’re located in the heart of Pineta Valley, isolated from any village, between Bielsa and Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido. Pineta circus and access to some essential paths are 5 km away by car.

The only things you will see and feel are mountains, rivers, waterfalls, trees, silent and peace. The Pyrenees, in general, are great and beautiful wherever you go, but this spot is really special and isolated.


We stayed at Casa Carmen (Carmen’s House). That’s the bigger house (6 people), separated from the 3 apartments (4 people) that are located in another house right next to Casa Carmen. Both buildings are inside a huge piece of ground including green areas, trees and spectacular views of Ordesa National Park.

Casa Carmen has a big living-room with fireplace in the first floor. An old but beautiful kitchen with many windows and a big wood table and bench. You can quickly see how easy and essential is relaxing here. A little TV is the only thing that seems new. Antique furniture and objects, paintings and drawings on the walls, firewood and very comfortable sofa and chairs.

Upstairs, two bedrooms and a big bathroom. Wood floor, antique trunks and wardrobes, very comfy beds and great views. One of the rooms would be perfect for kids as there are separated beds and plenty of space. The other bedroom has a double bed and a very special atmosphere. Nice balcony with amazing views perfect for anything you might want to do for relax (a book, a drink, a conversation, etc). I loved how the light came through it in the mornings, making our wake-up easy and happy.

The other houses or apartments are quite different but similar at the same time. Smaller, 3 floors instead of 2, but pretty much the same decoration. Fireplace, sofas and antique furniture and objects distributed along the house. In the first floor, living-room and open kitchen. Second floor with one bedroom (double bed) and full bathroom. Third floor with another bedroom, very big and spacious. All rooms and apartments have great light and views through the windows, especially the ones at the ends. The apartment in the middle have less views but many light too because of the roof windows.

Nearby Activities:

Many activities in the area, specially interesting those related to the mountain, hiking, water activities and birds sighting. There are many incredibly beautiful routes for all ages and people. In the houses you will find many information about activities to do in the area. Following, some of the must do:

  • Aínsa: medieval village with good restaurants, museums and a spectacular square.
  • Bielsa and the last Ordesa National Park entrance. Llanos de Larri (1 hour).
  • Chistau Valley.
  • Poset Maladeta Natural Park (access from San Juan de Plan and Gistain).
  • Basa de La Mora (spectacular lake between the mountains. You can go by car or walking through GR15 path from Saravillo).
  • Cañón de Añisclo and access to Ordesa National Park. From the parking lot at Añisclo we can also visit the beautiful “Ermita de San Urbez” (San Urbez hermitage). Is just a 30 minute walk. Fanlo and Vió.
  • Hospital de Tella and Revilla (villages), access to viewpoints (Los Miradores). A 1 hour walk to see the “Garganta de Escuain). After that, go to Tella and do the “3 hermitages route”, a 45 minutes circular route. Las Brujas Museum and the Bear Cave are in Tella too.
  • El Chorro de Fornos from Badaín (3 hours).
  • Visit to France with many small and beautiful villages, different environment and atmosphere.
  • Ski slopes in France are 20 minutes away by car (Piau Engali).
  • Loudenvielle Valley in France, a very nice area with a thermal resort.
  • Birds sighting such as eagles, vultures and ospreys.
  • Water sports and activities such as rafting and canyoning.
  • Horse riding.
  • Bike rental.
  • Ski forfaits and equipment rental.

Price range:

Carmen’s House (6 people): 150 – 180 €

Houses: Tucas, Astazu, Montinier (4 people): 90 – 100 €

  • +34 627 563 519 – +34 974 504 006
  • Ctra. de Bielsa al Parador Km. 5,6 – 22351 Espierba-Bielsa (Huesca)
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