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Can Massa Rural Farmhouse in La Pera, Costa Brava, Spain

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Can Massa Rural House:

Today I’m staying at a lovely farmhouse located in the heart of the Costa Brava, Can Massa. Josep, his owner, meets me when I arrive and shows me all the house and my room. Everything has an authentic old atmosphere that transports you to the time when catalan people living here worked hard at their lands to collect what they needed to eat, and the time where animals where essential to achieve it. I’ve been in many farmhouses, specially in Catalonia, where they are very popular, and I can say this one is one of the most authentic houses. I encourage everybody to see the video below I made during my visit. I was able to talk with Josep and also shared details of the house and places around.

I started with a visit to Pubol, the village next to La Pera where the house is located. Pubol is famous for it’s Dali Castle (Castell de Gala Dali). Dali’s wife, Gala, lived there and it’s known that Dali had the access denied, although he liked to see what was happening inside through a little hole. In the actual castle we find a museum with pretty important art pieces from Dali.

After a little walk inside Pubol I went to Can Massa to rest a little bit and relax at the porch in the garden. They have a little pool, very cute and necessary at this time of the year. It’s summer and it’s hot and sunny, but at 19h sun starts hidding and you can enjoy a very relaxing time at the porch or sitting on the grass.

Josep told me about how they were one of the pioneers in Catalonia with rural tourism. He’s very proud of it, and I understand that, because after him a lot came, and most of them don’t have the same taste and sense for the traditional things. Josep and his wife take care of everything and rarely throw old stuff, you’ll see how they renovate and recycle old furniture and tools. In 1992 they started with the rural house. They had 4 rooms at the beginning, while they still lived with their kids at the same floor. They decided to move to another building in the same property and renovate the space to make 2 more rooms. All of them are different and have individual bathroom. Floor and furniture is antique and original, so you can stay comfortably but living and experiencing the old lifestyle in the area.

I went to La Pera to take a walk after that. Little village with a nice church in the middle. In the same square I saw a nice tapas and sandwich restaurant that I decided to visit at night for dinner. Food was great and not expensive. I wrote another post about L’Escola Bar. I recommend the hamburger with caramelized onion and goat cheese… (Special mention to Restaurant d’ en Bahí very close to the house too).

Before going to sleep I spent some time at the porch, finishing my bottle of water and answering some emails. I had Internet WiFi in the whole house and garden. The bed is very comfortable. My room had views to the garden and I could see the church from my bed, very relaxing and helpful for a pleasant sleep.

I was able to rent a bike at the house and explore a little bit the area. Rural paths for an easy ride while enjoying the amazing beauty of Emporda and Costa Brava. I didn’t have much time, so I decided to take the car after a 2 hour ride and go visiting some important medieval villages Josep suggested me. Pals, Peratallada, Palau-Sator, Monells and Corçà. You can visit them all in 2 or 3 hours, they’re close from each other. A visit to La Bisbal d’Emporda it’s worth, they are an important center for ceramics and antique.

Dinner and walk at Girona that night. One of my favorite places in Spain. It’s a beautiful city, with a river crossing, an old historic center with lots of hidden corners and interesting thing to see and do. Amazing stairs to nice churches, narrow streets, little bridges, very nice restaurants, cinemas and original shops. The past and modernity melt in a city with less than 80.000 population.

The last night was perfect. I took a shower before going to sleep. The next morning I was ready for more travel adventures and experiences. Important: breakfast at the house is amazing. Homemade pies and bread, dry meats and sausages, juice, coffee, jam, ham, cheese, …

Thanks to Josep and his family for their lovely house and the perfect service they provide to guests.

  • +34 972 48 83 26
  • +34 629 04 72 23
  • C/ Vell s/n – 17120 La Pera, Costa Brava, Girona
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