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Can Dolc Restaurant in Sant Feliu de Boada, Costa Brava

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Ambience and service: 

Over 15 years of tradition in this reference restaurant in the Costa Brava. They were the first restaurant opening in Sant Feliu de  Boada, and now they are a meeting and mythic place, a restaurant were people go to eat the best meat in the region, some great salads and local dishes like “cargols” (snails).

There is a big public parking at the village entrance, you can park easily. From there you’ll see the church and the square where is located. Can Dolç restaurant is right there, and you’ll immediately see their outside tables and terrace. Great place at summer and in sunny days during the whole year.

Inside, stoned walls, antique furniture as a detail in a clean decoration and bright dinning-rooms. Is a sunny day and I came for lunch. Sunlight enters through the windows and I can’t be more relaxed and ready for a meal.

Carles and Gemma, the owners, are very nice and welcome every customer personally. I can take a seat where I want even going alone, I like that. 4 people is working hard in the kitchen and 2 waiters are taking care of every customers needs. Everybody loves being well served and not having to wait eternity in restaurants, and at Can Dolç they know that. You can see they take very seriously customers happiness.

Food and drink: 

They are specially known for their meats. I decide I want the “veal entrecotte” as soon as I see another customer ordering it. Big pieces of grilled meat, in general. Cows in this area (Girona) are known for their quality, and I want to try. Allioli, the famous sauce catalans made international (olive oil and garlic) is my accompaniment for the veal. What a great dish! Delicious from the first until the final bite. Meat melting in my mouth, I don’t want to finish it.

Luckily, I let Carles suggest me a starter. I couldn’t decide, so they brought a goat cheese salad and duck ham. I must say they know how to cook. Meats are their specialty, but they prepare all dishes with care and sense. Good amount of food and great selection of products. The goat cheese peace was big, with a toast below, yummy. Tomatoes have incredible flavor and taste, probably not from the market but from the orchard.

Taking a quick look to the carte, I see many local dishes, as “escudella” (catalan country-style meat and vegetable soup, toast with anchovies and “escalivada”, anchovies from L’Escala (well known), snails and others like leakskake with roquefort sauce.

I guess fish here is good as we are 5 minutes driving from the beach, but I prefer to try the meat. Hard to decide too, because they have specialties like: lamb chops, rabbit chops fried in breadcrumbs, cheek’s roast, catalan pork sausage with white beans, pig’s trotters, iberian lean pork, shoulder of kid goat and grilled veal fillet. Although I tried the veal, rabbit chops had an incredible aspect and for sure would have been a great choice too.

Wines are also important at Can Dolç. They have a big and beautiful wine refrigerator in the main entrance where you can see many of the wines they have. If you are not an expert, let Carles recommend you some, but please, don’t miss the chace of trying some local wine from Emporda, a great wine region with international recognition.

I finished with a hot chocolat coulant with vanilla icecream and a green tea at the terrace. Great!


I’ve been traveling spain a lot, specially Catalonia and the Costa Brava, si I know the area. The Costa Brava, all of it, is beautiful and rich in terms of nature, culture, art and gastronomic tradition. Inside of the Costa Brava, in the middle, we find Emporda (Low and high Emporda) wich represents, in my opinion, the most beautiful region in the Costa Brava.

This restaurant is in low Emporda. 5 minutes from the beach and very close to “must see” villages like Palau-Sator, Peratallada, Pals, Torroella de Montgrí, La Bisbal d’Empordà, Monells, L’Escala, Figueres and Girona. Land where Dali and many others found inspiration, deserves a minimum of one week to see it well. Doesn’t matter for me if it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring, Is always nice, although you’ll find more activities, local festivities and people between spring and autumn.

Personally, I visited Pals in the morning and after lunch: Peratallada, Palau-Sator, Torroella de Montgri and L’Estartit (nice port and promenade). Most of them are medieval villages with stoned buildings and streets and an old flavor that transports you to another era.

Price advice: 

15-25 Euros p.p. They have good wines at relatively low prices, so don’t miss the chance if you don’t have to drive.

  • +34 972 635 003
  • Plaça Església, s/n Sant Feliu de Boada
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