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Cal Miquel Restaurant in Anserall, Catalan Pyrenees

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Traditional gastronomy in the Pyrenees.

Cal Miquel Restaurant is part of the Cal Miquel Rural Hotel in Anserall, but, this restaurant is very important itself, considered one of the best in the area indepently from the hotel. A must visit restaurant in my humble opinion. A small dinning room, warm and relaxed, great service and delicious food.


Cal Miquel is located in Anserall, a small village with narrow streets, a creek and the typical houses from the Pyrenees. This village is well known thanks to its Romanesque church (Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles). 2 minutes from La Seu d’Urgell and 15 from Andorra, located next to the main road that connect them.

Ambience and service:

Wood ceiling with beams (most of them original), many windows to enjoy light coming in, views of the town and the valley. At night, candle lights. 40 customers maximum. I love small restaurants like this; the whole atmosphere is very warm and familiar, but service remains professional and efficient. They have old black and white photos and beautiful paintings in the walls.

We were served fast although there were other couples and a family. We chose a special weekend menu for 18 Euros that was amazing. Still needed to try something else, so we came back at night a couple of days after to eat something from the regular carte.

Food and Drink:

Cal Miquel gastronomy is based on traditional catalan dishes, specially those from the Pyrenees and close. They also incorporate other spanish specialties and some international. They have an exceptional chef. Even being a small restaurant, they work and think as a big, great, internationally recognized restaurant. That’s what makes that place so special.

Their philosophy is clear: traditional gastronomy with an original touch. Most of the products they use are from the area, known for its purity and quality. Rabbit, lamb, small farms’ chickens, mushrooms, etc. They also have a pretty big orchard in front of the restaurant from where they take many vegetables and fruit that they use for their fresh and delicious dishes.

Details are always important. In Cal Miquel, the chef knows exactly that people often come hungry, so he prepares special “montaditos” (bread slice with something on it, typical from Basque Country) that you can enjoy with your drink while waiting the main dishes.

November, outside was cold. We arrived and quickly agreed to try the onion soup, very good and tasty, grandmother style, simple and great. Another starter: homemade ravioli stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. Cheese and milk in the Pyrenees are just amazing. I can’t imagine a better place to live if I was a cow.

Gabi, the owner, recommended us a very good red “tempranillo” wine from La Rioja. We were enjoying our conversation and romantic atmosphere when more dishes came. Cod with honey, very traditional from Catalunya; and rabbit with garlic and an incredible sauce. I needed to finish it all with the help of a nutbread slice. That surprised me, it’s not very common to find restaurants serving such a good bread. They also served us a fresh fish from the river that was also incredible.

Desserts are really impressive. Homemade brownies, chocolat secret, cheese cake and much more. Sadly, we couldn’t try everything.

Very recommended to anyone visiting The Pyrenees, specially for those who are close to Andorra and La Seu d’Urgell.

Nearby Activities:

We walked a while after eating to see the village. Is quite small, but there’s a nice 10 minutes walk to the church that liked us a lot. La Seu d’Urgell has a beautiful center, with the only Romanesque Cathedral in Cataunya. Parc del Segre is a very nice park with canals and life all year. Shops in La Seu d’Urgell are very authentic and dressed up, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Price range:

25-30€. Week menu for 14 Euros and weekend menu for 18 Euros.


  • +34 973 351 855
  • C/ Major, 8 – Anserall, Valls de Valira – Lleida
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