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Aiguaclara Hotel & Restaurant in Begur, Costa Brava

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Begur is one of the most important villages in the Costa Brava thanks to it’s unique location and beauty. It’s an old medieval village located at the top of a hill, very close to the beach. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Medes Islands, access to some of the nicest “calas” (little beautiful beaches) in the whole Costa Brava and walk through Begur streets, where you’ll find beautiful spots, shops and restaurants. In my journey through the Costa Brava I haven’t found any other village with this level of beauty, services, cleanliness and charm. Sure it is a tourist place, but the nature of this town does not allow crowds. People and beauty is well distributed so you can explore a lot, even in summer, and still feel relaxed and far away from stressful more tourist places in the Costa Brava.

Ambience and service: 

“Fet amb Love” or Made with Love is their catchword, and that’s great because it describes in a short and perfect way the whole atmosphere of this little hotel. Wherever you look at you’ll see antique objects, collectibles and furniture, photographs, paintings and many other details that make you notice everything is done with love and great sense for decoration.

I was impressed by little details like a board in a wall where they draw a big heart with their catchword “Fet amb Love”, where any guest can write it’s name or message. When it’s full they make a picture and put it next to the board so it’s not missed and you can see what others or yourself wrote in the past. Little details that make the difference.

The Aiguaclara Hotel is located in an old restored house in the center of Begur. Many people from this village went to Cuba between 1830 and 1850 to seek their fortune. Some of them succeeded and came back, building stunning houses and giving to Begur an even better image and heritage that remains in the actual days. They were nicknamed “indianos”. Thanks to them, today, we can enjoy this hotel, considered one of the best in Spain.

Clara and Joan, the owners, as well as all their staff, work hard every day to give guests an unforgettable experience. Clara showed me the hotel. I was really impressed from the very beginning. In the entrance you can quickly see old suitcases and photo cameras, paintings, mirrors and warm lighting.

This is not the typical high class hotel, it’s more like a very special and beautiful guest house. Everything from architecture and decoration to personalized attention to the guests make this hotel so unique.

Ideal for couples, with or without kids. “Made with Love”, remember? This applies to how the owners work and act but also how the guests live the experience. Romantic spots inside and outside the hotel, romantic atmosphere 360º.

Clara told me about their art “exhibitions”. They are very sensitive and love sharing others artwork in their hotel. You’ll find many paintings and photographs spread all over the house. I was lucky because a great photo exhibition was running at the moment I visited the hotel: Laurie Sparham black & white photographs from many Hollywood stars.


3 floors, 10 rooms (2+4+4). Every single one is quite different and unique. They were thought and designed respecting the old house structure. High ceilings, big windows with a lot of natural light, antique wardrobes, mirrors, paintings, incredibly comfortable beds, candles, chairs, beautiful bathrooms and the original floor that gives to the space great personality and beauty.

All rooms have at least two separated spaces, one with the main bed and another with a sofa-bed, so you will be able to visit Aiguaclara Hotel with friends or family and stay together. They have international TV and DVD player in all rooms.

Every night, I took a long shower, watched TV for a while and felt deeply asleep. Beds are extremely comfortable, and I guess the whole atmosphere helped for such a good rest. Soft sheets and pillows, perfect temperature and a large window behind the bed. This time I went alone… I’ll try going back again in good company.

Put your key in the big wood door and enjoy an amazing and pleasant stay. You won’t forget it.

Facilities and services: 

There is a chill-out terrace reserved for hotel guests, a nice living room with sofas where you can relax, read, listen to music or talk for a while with other guests. They have books in all languages that you can use during your stay, as well as a music system for your cd’s, iphones or ipads. They also have an extense and varied CD collection.

One of the most special corners of the house is the “by Clara Boutique”. Clara loves finding antique objects and unique art pieces that are present in the whole hotel, but also had the good idea of making a little “boutique” so you can buy some great stuff for your own house or friends.

Buffet breakfast from 9 to 11 at the restaurant in the first floor: Bread, toast, butter, homemade jam and marmalade, honey, croissants, chocolate cake, custard pudding, fresh fruit, assorted cold meats, cheese, cereals and yoghurt, espresso coffee, tea  and refreshing natural orange juice. National and Internation newspapers available for free every morning.

Having breakfast at the Aiguaclara Hotel was closer to having breakfast in a fancy New York City cafe than in any other place. I love places that are able to create amazing atmosphere no matter where they are.

Lounge Bar where enjoy some of their mojito’s or gintonics “made with love”. You can also serve yourself at any time. They have food and drinks (coffee, tea, soda, alcohol) in the first floor too, so you can use it as a “mini-bar” as you would do it in your own house.

Free internet Wi-Fi in the whole hotel. Beach towels and umbrellas loan for guests.

From Wednesday to Saturday you can dinner at the same hotel restaurant. First impression was great, different because of the details again. Cartes have pictures of famous movie kisses like the one from “La Dolce Vita” with Marcelo Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg. Wood floor and warm decoration. The restaurant is very integrated and you can see a continuity, as a trully part of the hotel and nothing “added”.
Dishes are based on quality products from the region and mediterranean influence. Good products with a good cooking process. As a result, a great dinner experience too. You can eat a full menu including starter, main course and dessert for 27€. If you don’t feel like eating that much you can always ask for one starter and a dessert, two starters or another combination and you’ll pay what you get. That seems a great idea, as many restaurants have close menus without any flexibility.
You will see dishes like fresh pasta, vegetables pie, tuna tartar with guacamole, parmesan salad, duck confit, steak tartar and salmon crep with asparagus and goat cheese, among many others. They also have season specialties that are a really good option, like baby beans with ham, crispy spinach cannelloni or cod cheeks.
They also have a choice of some great wines from Spain. In the wine carte they put a Spain Map so you can see exactly from where each wine is.
Around and activities:
In my first day, very sunny and warm, I visited stunning and incredibly beautiful “calas”: Illa Roja (nudist), Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda, Platja Fonda (perfect in the morning), Fornells and Aiguablava. All of them are great and really close to the Hotel (you can get there in less than 5 minutes by car). Water is specially blue and clean, few space for people (wich I consider a positive thing) and surrounded by cliffs and mountains. A lot of privacy and a great sense of being almost alone, facing the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. You can eat at very good restaurants in those beaches too. 20 minutes from Begur there is another nice beach, bigger, with white sand and big quietness: “Platja del Castell” (Castle beach).
There is a short and great visit to the Castle of Begur, you’ll enjoy amazing views from kilometers around. Spectacular!
Ronda paths (“camins de Ronda”) is another interesting thing you can do. It’s a unique way of exploring the coast, find hidden beaches and enjoy best seaviews. You can choose long or short walks depending on your needs.
If you love playing golf there are 2 important golf courses in the area. One in Pals with an english classic stye open since 1968. The other one is Empordà Golf Club, with 36 holes (located between Pals and L’Estartit. For beginners, in Torroella de Montgrí there’s a Pitch and Putt.
You will be able to drive short distances and visit many interesting places and other medieval villages like Pals, Peratallada or Monells. Enjoy the countryside and the fertile croplands you’ll see while driving the nice roads all along the Costa Brava, from south to north and from the sea to the interior lands. Coarse cultural backup, people who left a great trace and heritage. Consider a visit to Dalí Museum in Figueres, Cadaqués, Colliure (in France), Calella de Palafrugell, Llafranc, L’Escala, Torroella de Montgrí (nice street market on mondays) and Girona, the capital of the region. Greek and roman ruins next to the sea in Empúries deserves a visit too.
For those who want to have fun and enjoy Begur nightlife, you can start with a cocktail in the bar of the hotel and go to “Croac” and “La Lluna” after.
Price advice: 

Hotel: 85-155€

Restaurant: 20-30€


  • +34 972 622 905
  • Sant Miquel, 2 – Begur, Girona
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