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We look for qualified travelers able to write good travel experiences and make great pictures about the places they visit.

Become a TotalTravel24 expert traveler by writing qualified travel experiences, reviews, great photos and opinion about the places you visit. If your material is good, we will publish it and you’ll have an excellent platform to show your work and experiences.

You can share your favorite places with our community in 2 different ways. If you have a blogger soul, you can post directly by following the steps below. If not, just fill the “share with us” form at the right bottom of the page, we will check it and publish it as soon as possible. If you want to send us an image too, you can do it here:

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How can I add my favorite destinations by myself? (in 6 easy steps)

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  1. Click on “Dashboard” > “New Post” at the grey top bar
  2. Type a title for your post (ex. Enzo Italian Restaurant, New York City)
  3. Type your review and experience using the editor box
  4. Paste related links if wanted (youtube, vimeo, wikipedia, etc)
  5. Upload 1 photo from your computer (please resize it to 450px width – free tool: picresize)
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